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Car Air Conditioning Repairs

Keep your passengers comfortable during those boiling summer months by making sure your car air conditioning is functioning correctly. At Carcare Joondalup, we take care of air conditioning repairs on all makes and models of car in Perth. From water pumps and cooling fans to blower motors and thermostats, we know our way around a vehicle’s HVAC system.

We Specialise in Repairs and Replacements

Has your car has lost its cool? Is it blowing around smelly air? The problem could be anything from a leak to not enough refrigerant to a loose compressor belt. You might be looking at a simple air conditioning repair or re-gas or even a replacement.

The experienced team of mechanics at Carcare Joondalup specialise in air conditioning servicing and installations. We are experts in leak testing, diagnosis and fault finding. We know our compressors from our condensers and our receiver driers from our TX valves. You can trust our team to diagnose the problem and provide a solution that will last.

Air Conditioning Service – Part of Your General Car Service Package

When you schedule an air conditioning repair service in Perth, why not take the time for some general servicing too? After all, the components of your car are all connected. They need regular servicing ensure your vehicle keeps functioning at its best.

Can’t make it to Joondalup? Not a problem. Our mobile mechanic can come to you in Perth. Our expert technicians are here to solve any problem and perform any car air conditioning repairs that you might need.

If your air conditioning is acting up and not performing as it should, we’re happy to provide advice and services. Please call us today on 08 9300 9796 to book a car service in Perth, or contact us online.