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Auto Repairs in Perth

We’re your local one-stop shop for auto repairs in Perth. At Carcare Joondalup, we have extensive experience in dealing with all types of engine troubles for all types of cars. We can diagnose and fix engine starting problems, vehicle overheating, engine knocking, leaking cooling systems and any other engine or car troubles.

Engine Repairs and Reconditioning in Perth

We do both engine repairs and engine reconditioning. If your engine is tired, lacks power or has reached the stage where it needs reconditioning, talk to us. We are the engine reconditioning experts in Perth! We’ll do your carbon cleaning and ECU tuning, and we can overhaul that tired engine to get you back on the road with a fully serviced, reconditioned engine that runs like a dream and handles beautifully. Talk to us today to find out more about your options for engine servicing.

Air Conditioning

We can fix your broken air conditioning unit or re-gas your current system so it works at peak efficiency. We can also diagnose and fix any issues you’re experiencing with air conditioning systems. Call us today to speak to our team about vehicle air conditioning repair services in Perth.

Negative Effects of Not Keeping up with Your Repairs

Ignoring car maintenance can lead to some unfortunate consequences. To avoid accidents, shortened vehicle life spans, reduced resale values, voided warranties and poor performance, it is crucial that you stop in and see your local auto repair specialist. Even if you haven’t noticed any faults, regular servicing can find potential problems before they become costly.

Our other services include:

Call Carcare Joondalup for All Your Auto Repairs in Perth

For any kind of auto repairs you need in Perth, just give Carcare Joondalup a call! Call us on (08) 9300 9796 or contact us online and talk to our friendly auto repair experts about your car’s needs.