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Auto Repairs Perth

At Carcare Joondalup we have extensive experience in dealing with engine troubles we can help diagnose and fix engine starting problems, vehicle overheating, engine knocking, leaking cooling systems and any other engine or car troubles.

Engine reconditioning Perth

If your engine is tired, lacks power or is seized then the engine needs reconditioning. We are the engine reconditioning experts in Perth! We can overhaul that tired engine and get you back on the road. Talk to us today to find out your options.

Cambelt Replacement Perth

Your cambelt is one of the major components of your engine, it is responsible for driving the cam which lifts and closes the valves to supply fuel and air to your combustion chambers. Generally, a cambelt needs replacement after 100.000kms but this can differ from vehicle to vehicle. If you don’t replace your cambelt within the time frame specified by the manufacturer of your vehicle then you run the risk of it failing, which results in complete engine failure. Talk to us today to book your cambelt service in Perth.

Air Conditioning Perth

We can fix your broken air conditioning unit, re-gas your current system so it blows cold and can diagnose any other issues your air conditioning is experiencing. Call us today to speak to our team about vehicle air conditioning repairs Perth.

Our other services include;

If you require a Perth mechanic to fix any of the above issues then give Carcare Joondalup a call! (08) 9300 9796.