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Auto Transmission Services & Specialists in Joondalup

Your automatic transmission is as important and as expensive to replace as your engine, so don’t leave it until it’s too late. If you’re experiencing any transmissions issues, now is the time to get it fixed at our auto workshop in Joondalup, Northern Perth.

When you bring your car in for a auto transmission service, our technicians will do a thorough check to identify any problems and will fix them accordingly to ensure your system is in pristine working condition.

During our automatic transmission service we may make adjustments, including:

  • changing the transmission fluid
  • cleaning or replacing internal or external filter (if needed)
  • checking for leaks in transmission, trans cooler and lines
  • road testing for shift pattern and driveability issues.

Why is an Automatic Transmission Service Important?

Not sure if there’s a transmission problem? Or, has it just been a while since you had yours checked? It’s safest to get a regular service, preferably every year.

Bringing your car to us at Carcare Joondalup in Northern Perth, for an automatic transmission service. It is important because if you overlook the problem, it can cause serious performance issues. A poor transmission will eventually lead to major car troubles and can cost a lot to fix if the issue is significant.

The benefits of an auto transmission service include:

  • restored holding power between the clutch
  • reduced slip and increased heat production
  • removal of old fluid decreases wear throughout the transmission
  • better lubrication and improved holding ability
  • your transmission will work better for longer, which means you’re less likely to face a major transmission repair.

Common Indications of a Transmission Fault

Are you hearing strange noises coming from your car, such as whining or humming? Are gear changes becoming harder and more noticeable? Is your car leaking or always low on fluid? Or, do you smell burning from your car?

If you notice any of these problems then it’s important to bring your car to Carcare Joondalup as soon as possible before the issues worsen. Our friendly mechanics are hand to fix the problem and get you back on the road quickly.

For help with your automatic transmission before major car troubles occur, book a service today. Call us on (08) 6500 1708 or contact us online.