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Auto Battery and Electrical Services

At Carcare Joondalup, we offer a range of mechanical services for your car, including battery services, battery replacement, and electrical services. If your car won’t start and your engine is cranking, we can help.

If you can’t come to us, we’ll even come to you. We provide a mobile mechanic service for our busiest customers.

Issues with Your Car Battery

Even if the rest of your car is working perfectly, you won’t be able to make it where you need to go without a healthy battery. Your battery is important because it stores energy and provides power to the starter, ignition system, fuel system and every other electrical component during a start-up. It also gives all of the electrical components power even when your car isn’t running.

Regular battery maintenance or a battery replacement is important to prolong battery life so that your car can continue to blink, honk, click and shine.

Battery Servicing in Joondalup

Carcare Joondalup can give you peace of mind with our battery testing and diagnostic service. We’ll test your battery and charging system to determine if there are any problems.

Our technicians will know if your battery isn’t performing as it should, and we can offer a battery replacement if necessary. We are a Centuries battery distributor – we will replace your old battery and test the new one before and after installation.

Electrical Car Repairs in Perth

If your engine is cranking or not starting, the issue could be due to a defective component that drains your battery and prevents the starter from cranking the engine. The cause could also be a discharged battery that affects the starter or rotating electrical parts that have deteriorated due to age or wear and tear. There can also be problems with the fuel injection or alternators.

Our mechanics at Carcare Joondalup are very experienced in your car’s battery and electrical system. We can run diagnostic tests to determine what the cause of the problem is and perform car servicing or replacements as needed.

Carcare Joondalup provides expert auto battery and electrical services in Perth. Call us today on 08 9300 9796 to book car servicing or battery replacement, or contact us online.