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Carbon Clean – Revive your Engine in Perth

Carbon cleaning is called “the engine detox” with good reason. It’s a very good way of eliminating carbon deposits from your engine, which can hinder the engine’s performance and can lead to major engine problems. Carcare Joondalup provides the carbon cleaning service in Perth at your location for all petrol and diesel vehicles.

How it Works

Hydrogen gas is pumped into the air intake and the time duration of the process can be controlled from the machine depending on the level of contamination.

The hydrogen gas has a highly reactive and combustion rate. As the gas requires less energy to ignite and has a wider flammability range, you are essentially burning off the carbon deposits from your engine. This process of burning off carbon deposits is called pyrolysis.

Why use Carbon Clean

Regular running of your vehicle can result in heavy carbon deposits on several moving parts causing your engine performance to strain. This leads to poor fuel economy, reduced power and heavy smoke emissions from the exhaust. Giving your car the carbon clean treatment every 10,000 kms will ensure that fuel, maintenance and expensive repair costs remain relatively low in the long run.

Benefits of Engine Carbon Clean

In modern cars, including performance vehicles, carbon deposits generally affect valves, turbochargers, EGR valves and catalytic convectors. Giving your engine the carbon clean treatment, can provide the following benefits:

  • Eliminate carbon build up – Burn off the carbon from your diesel and petrol engine parts.
  • Restore performance and power – You will notice a huge improvement in the car’s pick up and acceleration.
  • Improve car idle – experience a problem free and smoother engine running when stationary
  • Acceleration and engine noise – Helps give you that extra acceleration when needed and reduce squeaky or rattling engine noises
  • Fuel consumption – Cleaner components such fuel injectors help burn the fuel more efficiently meaning you end up spending less on gas.
  • Exhaust fumes – a cleaner engine will give out virtually no smoky emissions which is good for the environment and other drivers
  • Engine life – lower carbon deposits put less stress on the engine components which increases the overall life of the engine.
  • Wear and tear – Reduce the wear and tear on your expensive parts resulting in cheaper repair bills.

For Carbon Cleaning in Perth, Call Carcare Joondalup

Carcare Joondalup provide the carbon clean service for petrol and diesel vehicles at your doorstep anywhere in Perth. Just call us on 08 9300 9796 or contact us online and ask about our carbon clean services. We’re happy to assist and provide all the friendly service and help your car needs.