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Suspension Checks in Perth – We’re Dedicated to Road Safety

One of the most important aspects of car safety is your vehicle’s suspension. Suspension aids your control on the road and helps to smooth out your ride. That’s why it is always important to get suspension checks along with your regular car servicing.

Importance of Maintaining Suspension Components

The main job of a car’s suspension is to maximise the friction between the tyres and the road so that you get good handling and steering stability. When your suspension is working, both the car and the passengers enjoy a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Worn suspension components can make your vehicle far less stable and reduce driver control. This will also increase the wear on other suspension components. To ensure a complete service for your car suspension, we also recommend a wheel alignment, which could help balance out uneven wear and tear on your tyres.

You won’t pass a vehicle inspection in Perth if your suspension isn’t up to standard, so make sure you have it assessed regularly.

Signs You Need Suspension Checks

  • Car is pulling to one side or the other while driving
  • One corner sits lower than the others
  • Difficulty steering
  • Feeling every bump in the road
  • Diving, rolling and leaning

If you are experiencing any of these signs, don’t wait to schedule a suspension check. Are you too busy to come into the shop? Carcare Joondalup offers a mobile mechanic service in Perth – we’ll come to you!

Our mechanics will diagnose and repair your suspension problem. We may need to replace shocks or struts or you may have auto electrical issues with your power steering. Worn or damaged leaf springs and uneven tyre wear can also contribute to suspension problems.

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As part of our general servicing package, we can check your suspension, provide an auto transmission service or perform a wheel alignment as needed. Do you think your car needs suspension checks? Call Carcare Joondalup today on 08 9300 9796 to book a car service in Perth, or contact us online.